Who we are…

Hello! We are a family of apicultors and have been enjoying our passion for bees since 6 years ago. Everything started very small, we are passionate about organic and home made products. We wanted to do something for the next generation, and thought that a good way to contribute would be to leave them a world with more bees, as they are the ones that secure the future of our environment. We feel privileged to be able to share with our community what we do. The product we elaborate is made with love, and totally by hand.

We hope our honey will be part of your “sweetest” times in life…And we can offer you not only the final product, but also the experience…

“Sponsor a Beehive”

We provide the opportunity to “godfather” a hive and become part of our Project. That way we can take you in one of our maintenance rounds, so you can get first hand the experience of being an apicultor for 1 day, and also will get a pot of honey. We ask for 45€/year to become part of this community.

You can contribute through this link with Paypal, once you finish your purchase please send us the name of the person you want us to host as “Apicultor for 1 day” and we will arrange for them to receive a Certificate and to organise the visit to the Hives when you are available.

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If you want to enjoy our products, we are working on a portal where you will be able to order yourself online, but on the meantime we can serve you directly. Please get in touch and we will take care of everything to send you our products.


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